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“Mitt Romney becomes the second GOP Presidential candidate to denounce Rush Limbaugh with this statement sent to the Huffington Post by Romney spokesman Kevin Madden,” writes Greg Sargent in a TPM ElectionCentral post titled Romney Becomes Second GOP Prez Candidate To Blast Rush

Romney?—is this is the same misguided candidate who compared the comfortable lives of his privileged sons to soldiers on the field of battle? See:

About the effectiveness of Romney’s frequent bursts of void-of-moral-courage rage, please see:

Also please reflect upon what Romney’s judgments and opinions—frequently offered—say about Romney:

Romney’s language of blame indicates a personality that believes itself powerless and uncared for

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“Mitt Romney touted his early-state bona fides at Wednesday’s Republican debate, saying that “in New Hampshire and Iowa alone over this last year I have done 462 events,” writes the Dorgan and Liebowitz of the Monitor staff in a story titled Team Romney leaves no tenth of a mile behind.

462? Really?

We checked with his staff for the breakdown. At the debate, Romney specified that he was including “town meetings, one-on-one meetings.”

The number also includes press conferences with local media, said New Hampshire press secretary Craig Stevens. “He just recognizes that’s a way to reach more people in an area,” he said.

Since January, Romney has made 18 trips and 88 stops in New Hampshire, held 83 voter events and 166 total events – including those press availabilities – according to the campaign.

Romney has traveled 2,419.8 miles in the state, according to numbers provided by Stevens. (Is someone clicking the odometer every time they cross the state line from Massachusetts?) … more

Geraghty also recounts how Romney audited the receipts of an enterprise to determine if they were spending too much on office supplies—this is our visionary leader?—what interests us is how frighteningly little Romney has gotten in return for all his hard work and meticulous record keeping. See:

Romney’s spectacularly low marginal rate of return on his campaign dollars now a campaign issue!

Earlier we commented on Geraghty’s comments on Romney’s troubled relationship with his father (may his memory be for a blessing)—you can find our exposition here. But Romney’s side-switching may go further back than his father (may his memory be for a blessing), as reported by Lee Davidson of the Deseret Morning News in a story titled Romney ancestor fled Army, joined LDS Church.

It may not be what a presidential candidate would want historians discussing, as they did Friday. But exactly 150 years ago, an ancestor of Mitt Romney deserted from U.S. Army troops sent to put down a purported Mormon rebellion in Utah.

Carl Heinrich (Charles Henry) Wilcken, Romney’s great-great-grandfather, would give Mormons information about approaching troops, eventually joined the LDS Church and ultimately became a bodyguard and confidant of two church presidents more

Romney’s family’s problems serving in the military also seem to go way back.

watch a hapless Romney get spanked by Deputy Sheriff Mark Riss over Romney’s claim that his sons were serving thier country by serving Romney—as opposed to say, wearing a uniform and carrying a rifle

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P.S. Credit: blogs for mitt, one of the richest sources of unflattering reporting about Willard Milton Romney. We need to add them to our blogroll.

You can watch the video here, at Crooks and Liars, in a web log post by the estimable Nicole Belle titled FOXNews/GOP Debate: Romney gets criticized.

You can even download this priceless vignette, share it with friends and loved ones, and watch it again, and again—it never grows old! How often does a single moment in time capture the very essence of a man’s character?—and how often is such a moment recorded and available for you to download?

This is Romney—absolute Romney—untinctured Romney—thrice-decocted, and laboratory pure, Romney.

Behold: Romney.

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P.S. Did not one of Romney’s many hireling flunkies or flatterers prepare for the hapless candidate for this inevitable question!?—they had to see this coming!—yet this was the best they could do!?  No. Something else is afoot. We ask: Is anyone else getting the impression that Romney’s own people are laughing behind his back?

BETTENDORF, Iowa – Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday defended his five sons’ decision not to enlist in the military, saying they’re showing their support for the country by “helping me get elected,” writes the estimable Glen Johnson for the Associated Press.

Romney, who did not serve in Vietnam due to his Mormon missionary work and a high draft lottery number, was asked the question by an anti-war activist after a speech in which he called for “a surge of support” for U.S. forces in Iraq.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, also saluted a uniformed soldier in the crowd and called for donations to military support organizations. Last week, he donated $25,000 to seven such organizations … more.

To compare the partisan self interest of the Romney sons to those who fight and die in foreign lands—this is beneath comment.

The supreme arrogance of Willard Milton Romney develops apace. How low can this man go? Here be the video courtesy of Vide08.

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P.S. More on the heroic sons of Romney: