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“Numerous sources are now reporting anti-Mormon push-polls running in New Hampshire and Iowa. Apparently, the call starts out ok and then delves into some nasty rhetoric,” writes young Justin Hart in a post titled Whodunnit?

The trail seems to lead to Western Wats …

“The Associated Press reported that Western Wats is behind the [anti-Mormon push-poll] calls,” writes J.A. Miles in an Only Mormon post titled Mormon company makes anti-Mormon calls in Iowa & New Hampshire?

The survey company has a call center in Provo and Rexburg and employs a lot of LDS Church members. The founder and chairman of Western Wats is Ron Lindorf, who is a founder for BYU’s Marriott School of Management Center for Entrepreneurship. According to the BYU website, he has sold the market research company, but his profile still lists him as the chairman.

I’m guessing that Lindorf is LDS, but I can’t say for sure.

So, a company with close Mormon ties is behind anti-Mormon calls about a Mormon presidential candidate? Something’s fishy here.

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“There appears to be a rather noticeable problem with the Stepford candidate’s — former Gov. Mitt Romney — ability to demonstrate basic memory dexterity,” writes The Editor for the Palmetto Scoop in a post titled Major glitch in Romneybot’s memory mechanism

Romney told voters at a pancake house in Pawleys Island, “the United Nations has been an extraordinary failure of late,” and that, “we should withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council.” But the Associated Press noted, “the United States doesn’t have a seat on the human rights council, which it has been boycotting.”

And then, FITSNews picked up on a pair of statements given to national and local media by Romney’s national spokesman Kevin Madden and his S.C. campaign manager Terry Sullivan in response to a jab made by rival candidate Sen. John McCain … etc., etc.

We reported the FITSnews howler here: FITSNews on Romney’s SC campaign manager: “FETCHING COFFEE, DRY CLEANING MAY ALSO BE AMONG HIS WEIGHTY

eye of’s take is titled: Earth to Romney: We aren’t on the Human Rights Council

Eric Kleefiled’s take: Romney: USA Should Withdraw From UN Human Rights Council — America Already Boycotts It

Jim Davenport’s far less funny take: Romney calls United Nations a ‘failure’

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The crack journalists at FITSnews describe the ventriloquist dummys of Romney’s crack campaign operation in a not-to-be-missed post titled Mitt Romney’s S.C. Campaign Manager Can Read.

Whatever Romney is paying these people, it’s too much.

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AIKEN, S.C. (TPS) – “Rumors that Republican State Senate candidate Shane Massey has a hidden liberal record have been circulating the Internet amidst claims that his campaign has been working to silence critics only hours before voters head to the polls for Tuesday’s primary election runoff in district 25. The Aiken County-based blog Kaolin Kronicle, who has had in-depth coverage of the race, had a posting on its website Monday that said Terry Sullivan, a partner in the Tompkins, Thompson and Sullivan political consulting firm which is running Massey’s campaign, demanded an e-mail attacking his candidate be taken down,” writes the editor of the Palmetto Scoop in a post titled Massey campaign up in arms over ‘outing’ of alleged liberal record.

Fascinating. Where does Romney find these people?—we mean, seriously. Are all the Romneys and their hangers-on ideological cross-dressers? Are they all corrupt? Do they all wax indignant when confronted with proof of their duplicities and inconsistencies? Do they all behave like petty criminals?

We lived in Charleston SC for several years—our mother was born there, and our father is from Mt. Pleasant—and we never met anyone like any of these people.


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