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“DO AMERICANS really want another president who won’t accept any responsibility for his part in systemwide failure?”—asks Joan Vennochi in a Boston Globe story titled Romney’s dodge

Mitt Romney is trying to duck culpability in the terrible case involving Daniel Tavares Jr., the Massachusetts man imprisoned for killing his mother, released on personal recognizance by a Romney-appointed judge, and charged with killing a newlywed couple in Washington state.

It was “a systemwide failure,” said Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom, an accurate assessment that avoids two important facts: Former governor Romney once headed the system that failed, and worse, he ignored recommendations that could have made a difference.

You know how Romney is always promising to consult with experts to figure out the best solution to urgent problems? In Massachusetts, he ignored the experts with whom he consulted.

In 2003, then-governor Romney set up a blue-ribbon commission to address, among other things, the chilling pattern of crime committed by ex-cons. In 2004, his hand-picked panel came back with 18 recommendations members considered a “top public safety priority, requiring a renewed sense of urgency, attention and collaboration.” Romney, already cultivating a national profile, had little interest in system reform back home. He ignored the panel’s recommendations, to the point that its chairman, former Democratic attorney general Scott Harshbarger, resigned in protest

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