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The Romney campaign itself has entered into the gloomy twilight of its archival phase. The struggle now becomes to determine what it all meant for the GOP, for the larger contest, and for the nation. We intend to participate in that discussion. And we will continue to monitor the feeds for news of Romney and post our findings here.

We know from our blog stats that some of you reach us through your RSS aggregators, e.g. google.reader, bloglines. You may want to consider unsubscribing soon as our activity here will begin to become less frequent and more intermittent.

We intend to let the blog stand complete for as long as allows it. Should Romney reappear in 2012 or beyond then we may reappear too.

We would like to thank all of our readers and especially our way-too-few authors of comments.

We would also like to thank, the, and for frequently linking to our humble site. Patrick Ruffini’s aggregator linked to our posts for a short while but then stopped. But we would like to thank him anyway. Thank you also to Wonkosphere for indexing our feed. Thank you to whomever it was who linked to our posts from Thank you to Kavon Nikrad of for not banning us from his site when we behaved badly. Thank you to Soren Dayton of for accepting our many, many trackbacks.

Thank you to the many blogs who linked to us or pinged us whether top ranked or not. For ourselves we reached over 19 thousand unique page hits in the space of about 8 months and achieved a ranking of 121, 630 with an authority of 61 at time of writing. Our statistics are humble but respectable when you consider the highly specialized character of our anonymous vanity blog.

And thank you especially to the Romney campaign and its many, many devoted supporters.

yours &c.
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