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Evidence suggests that the so-called Evangelical “leadership”—Dobson, Perkins, Bauer etc.—are woefully disconnected from the Evangelical base. Erick of narrates in a post titled The GOP Conundrum: SoCons like Huckabee, but he’s more a threat to the coalition than Rudy

… I’m told that people in the room tabulating the votes were stunned by Huckabee’s showing. Stunned, for some of them, is an understatement. It seems clear to me that this was an opportunity for the leaders of the social conservative movement to sigh, shrug, and embrace Romney. They intended to.

They gave Romney a platform by himself on Friday night. They played heroic anthems for his entry and departure. He had the night all to himself. And he did well. Then Huckabee showed up the next day, sharing the same time cluster as Rudy. And Huckabee, with a speech he wrote himself, was magnificent.

Now, you can call me partisan or biased or whatever you want, but all I’m doing here is reporting. The leaders of the social conservative movement who were present, the Arlington Group members you hear so much about, were ready and willing to get on board Romney’s campaign on Saturday morning. Then Huckabee spoke. Then the straw vote was tabulated. Then they realized that were they to do so, it would put them completely out of step with their membersetc., etc.

Oh, the irony.

The elites were prepared to “embrace” Romney. And then the villagers rose up. Let this be a lesson for us all, especially for the super-geniuses that call themselves “Evangelicals for Mitt.” In a post titled Evangelicals Rally to Romney a tedious Nancy French quotes a newsmax story that begins:

Evangelical leaders are urging followers to support Mitt Romney’s campaign for president to prevent Rudy Giuliani from gaining the Republican nomination … etc., etc.

Evangelicals are not rallying to Romney. Not in the least. The text itself plainly states that their self-appointed so-called “leaders” are urging them to. But: the Evangelicals themselves are telling their “leaders”—e.g. the super-geniuses of the Arlington Group—to go pack sand—and rightly so. Here is what we wrote in another context:

Dearest, dearest Romney. Please understand: a campaign requires a message. And you haven’t got one. It is rational to reach out to the elites of an e.g. corporation, Mr. Romney—they are the decision makers. But a movement is by definition a loosely coupled, loosely cohering social entity, an entity where the ties that bind are moral as opposed to hierarchal. An e.g. well-known pastor is not like a CEO; he or she has a different kind of relationship with his or organization and its members. So: You’re going to have to learn how to reason, Mr. Romney, how to argue, and how to persuade—lies, bribes, pretending to be something that you are not—this is not persuasion—this is the antithesis of persuasion … etc., etc.

You may be able to purchase the corrupt Evangelical leadership, Romney. Buying an entire movement is a different sort of proposition.

yours &g.
dr. g.d.


“Two social conservatives leaders — in surprise moves yesterday — criticized fellow evangelical and Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, while praising another party hopeful, Mitt Romney, a Mormon,” writes Ralph Z. Hallow in a Washington Times release titled Evangelical leaders warm to Romney

Still, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and American Values President Gary Bauer hope the former Massachusetts governor will passionately express his pro-life views at the Values Voter Summit Oct. 19 and 20 at the Washington Hilton more

So what if he does, Perkins and Bauer, you two super-geniuses?—and Romney most certainly will, as he will tell you whatever you want to hear—are you really gullible enough to believe him?—we mean, really?

The leaders that you have are the leaders that you deserve, e.g. Perkins and Bauer.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.