“Remember Middle Cheese? Back in the happy days of the Kerry Spot, I chatted regulary with a longtime, smart Republican who was in a position to hear what the big cheeses in the Bush campaign were saying to the little cheeses … “ writes Jim Geraghty for NRO’s Campaign Spot in a post titled The Long Awaited Return of… Middle Cheese!

Middle Cheese is now affiliated… with the Romney campaign. (This narrows the list of suspects to… oh, about half the veteran Republican operatives in the country.) … etc.

We at dotan.wordpress.com are pleased to announce that Geraghty’s Middle Cheese—in the form of his manlier, more virile alter ego, Stinky Cheese—has agreed to inform on the Romney campaign for this blog too. Only not materially, or even consciously. No, our tenuous thread of connection to Stinky Cheese will be by means of random mental impressions left in a blind-drop somewhere in the Akashic Record.

We look forward to receiving Stinky Cheese’s transmissions from the ethers.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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