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“Ha-ha! Boy, that Rudy Giuliani, what a loser! Boy, did his strategy backfire! The man’s an afterthought! Barely got fourth place, barely ahead of Ron Paul, not expected to be much of a player in Michigan, not expected to be a player in South Carolina,” writes writes Jim Geraghty in a Campaign Spot blog burst […]


“The new NEWSWEEK poll shows the former Arkansas governor now has a two-to-one lead over Romney, while Barack improves against Hillary,” writes Michael Hirsh in a Newsweek Web Exclusive titled Huckabee Surges, Obama Gains in Iowa Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has vaulted over his major GOP challengers to take a commanding lead in the […]

… “[Mayor Giuliani’s slide] would seem great for Mitt Romney, the Rudy Giuliani challenger,” writes the all-seeing eye in an post titled Huck rises, Rudy slides, Romney’s strategy breaks down But not so much. I think that this dynamic of Rudy falling and Huckabee rising creates a very serious challenge for Romney. You see, […]

… “Romney made sure to target Mr. Huckabee on this visit at every opportunity when asked about immigration, attacking him for the measure on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. He also had new criticisms to tick off about Mr. Huckabee’s fiscal record, accusing him of increasing spending from just over $6 billion to $16 billion […]

“Several different places (captured here) are reporting the new CBS News/NY Times poll released tonight, on Iowa and NH: Mike is at 21%, Romney at 27% (Full poll can be downloaded as a PDF),” writes—well, someone, in a “Blogging from Main Street America” post titled 21% and Rising!! And this news, coming on a day […]

… “A muddle in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Michigan is the ideal scenario for Giuliani. His campaign has acknowledged as much privately for months and did so publicly earlier this week in a conference call with reporters. ‘Regardless of how [the] early states line up, there are 1,038 delegates [to be had] on […]

In a puff piece that borders on a love note, the shameless, although ordinarily sober and reliable Justin Miller of RealClearPolitics holds forth: … More important is tomorrow’s Ames straw poll, where Romney enters as the heavy favorite. If Romney meets expectations with a convincing victory after being attacked on abortion by Sam Brownback, on […]

“Bottom line: the Romney campaign made their bed with the early state primary strategy and got short-sheeted,” writes Justin Hart in a blog burst titled, strangely, Autopsy of a Great GREAT Campaign The momentum that Huckabee gained through his stunning Iowa win together with the victory that McCain edged out in New Hampshire seriously […]

“BEDFORD, N.H. — Republican Mitt Romney, a businessman-turned-politician, will take more direct control of his presidential campaign message after failing to win either the Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primary, a top adviser said Tuesday,” writes someone, we know not who as we could not find a name, for the Seattle Times in an […]

[…] “The fact of the matter is that Massachusetts officials win in New Hampshire,” writes Holly Robichaud in a blog burst titled Time for a graceful Romney exit Nota: Robichaud identifies herself as […] The Lone Republican in the Herald’s Monday Morning Briefing, is a successful GOP political strategist who is known for speaking […]