[…] “Glover Park Group, founded by and stocked with some of Washington’s best-known Democrats, is suddenly going bipartisan despite the possibility of a Republican wipeout in November,” writes Mike Allen of politico.com in a story titled Democratic firm adding Republicans—not terribly bright, nominal Republicans, anyway.

The strategy firm announced Wednesday that it is hiring Kevin Madden, 36, who appears frequently on television as a Republican analyst and was a top official in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign […]

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  1. laserhaas

    The Dept of Justice has been refusing to prosecute, investigate, or for that much, staunchly refuses to mention the name of the MNAT law firm in Delaware.

    MNAT and the TBF law firm Confessed to supplying more than 34 false affidavits and deceiving the Court while deliberately hiding conflicts of interest from the Court as they planted a paid associate of the TBF law firm within the eToys bankruptcy case as President and CEO.

    When Laser Haas blew the whistle after the TBF law firm threatened Haas to “back off” the Court punished Haas and the Delaware Dept of Justice, after Motioning to Disgorge TBF for $1.6 million suddenly switched gears.

    The Director of the Washington DC office of the US Trustee’s removed Roberta DeAngelis and replaced her as Region 3 Trustee with Kelly B Stapleton.

    Then, less than ten (10) days after the Disgorge Motion, the Delaware Dept of Justice issued a Stipulation to Settle that provided ILLEGAL, implied, blanket, immunity to the TBF law firm, that also granted advanced permission to continue to break the Law.

    Even though both TBF and MNAT confessed to supplying the false affidavits and deceptions, the DE Dept of Justice has refused to prosecute or investigate.

    Speciously, the Dept of Justice does not name the MNAT firm in any of the briefs.

    Armed with the impunity, TBF and MNAT endeavored another $100 million fraud in another case.

    When Laser Haas reported that Fraud and perjury issues to that Court, the Delaware Dept of Justice again breached their fiduciary duty, disobeyed their oath of office and obstructed justice by successfully petitioning the Court to strike and expunge Haas.

    Then, Dec 7, 2007, after Haas discovered that the Delaware US Attorney, Colm F Connolly was a partner with the MNAT law firm in 2001 (the very year the perjury and fraud began) – Haas reported the Ethics and protocol violations of to the US Attorney in CA, Tom O’Brien’s Office as the MNAT law firm seemed to have cooperation from Washington DC to cover up the affairs.

    MNAT works for Bain and Bain was owned and controlled by Mitt Romney in 2001.

    Bain benefited extensively from the perjury and fraud. If the case ever receives a proper. Official investigation the MNAT law firm will close, parties will face incarceration and Bain will have to return what it stole and most likely pay an additional penalty.

    Even though Romney’s Presidential run has, paused, the power and influence to cover up the entire affair continues.

    We received no response from the CA US Attorney’s office of our proofs of perjury, fraud, cronyism, corruption and cover up.

    However, the L A Times did report on the fact that Tom O’Brien walked into a weekly staff meeting, harangued career prosecutors and immediately disbanded the Public Corruption Unit.

    Tom O’Brien also felt it necessary to threaten the career prosecutors with retaliation if they dared to speak to the press about the real reason for the dismantling of the unit.

    The official excuse that Tom O’Brien and AG Mukasey gave to the press for the disbanding of the Public Corruption Unit is that it was a move to make the Dept of Justice more efficient.

    All that accept that excuse, please raise your hand.

    You can see the L A Times story by Googling “Shake-up roils federal prosecutors” by reporter Scott Glover.

    The FBI called Haas after several phone calls by Haas to the CA Asst US ATtorney’s.

    Then the Region 3 US Trustee Kelly B Stapleton resigned.

    Less than a week later the FBI raided the Office of Special Counsels home and work place, sezing Scott Bloch’s computer and files, for destruction of Whistle Blower files against Government personnel.

    That does not end the saga, as the TBF law firm has disbanded, the members went to other firms, such as Dreier LLP and they are engaging in another $500 million fraud in the NY Supreme Ct case 601805/2002, where TBF originally gained permission to handle the case by supplying one of the false affidavits to the Delaware Federal Court.

    There is also the issue of the strange, yet somewhat predictable move, where the very person that replaced Kelly B Stapleton was the former removed Roberta DeAngelis.

    Wonder what files she destroyed?


  2. laserhaas

    By the Way

    The reward to the Delaware Dept of Justice head, for the refusal to prosecute or even investigate his former partners and clients ( for all we know he may have represented Bain)

    Colm F Connolly has been nominated for a Federal Dist Ct Judge position that was made vacant by a Judge who heard all 4 Delaware Dist Court appeals (Judge KAJ) and decided to only threaten the law firms for what they did wrong.

    Judge KAJ was then immediately promoted to the 3rd Cir Court of appeals.

    If they are able to make a deal and force the confirmation of Colm Connolly to a Judge’s position, he cannot be removed for any acts prior to his confirmation. For 14 years.

    That is, of course, unless, he is impeached.


  3. laserhaas

    The ability to investigate these days is sorely lacking.

    Does anyone believe Mitt is only worth $250 million and that he spent $50 million of his own money to be run for the nomination?

    Would you like to buy a bridge?

    You could buy into the other nice story by Romney, that all his net worth is not known, because he has placed his money in a “Blind Trust” and due to privacy matters, he cannot reveal, or does not even know how much is there.

    Do you want someone who has no idea how his own money is being handled to Handle the money of America?

    Then again, you might want to buy into a Hedge Fund that is closely connected but somewhat of a mystery.

    It will take a lot more than $250 million to buy though.

    It is the entity known as SanKaty.

    It is an Offshore company in Bermuda.

    It is reportedly worth $2. 3 billion.

    And 100% owned by Mitt Romney.

    Just in case anyone cares.

  4. dotan

    I care!—thank you for your thoughts and views, Laserhaas.


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