HOC: “For each delegate, Romney spent $975K, McCain spent $157K and Huckabee spent $160K”—more evidence of Romney’s spectacularly low ROI for his every campaign dollar

[…] “Romney spent $57.75 per vote, McCain spent $13.86 per vote, Giuliani spent $54.31 per vote, Paul spent $16.50 per vote, and Huckabee spent $6.72 per vote,” writes Herding Old Cats in a Left in Alabama blog burst titled Dollars per Vote, Dollars per Delegate, New Hampshire Edition

For each delegate, Romney spent $975K, McCain spent $157K and Huckabee spent $160K.

Giuliani and Paul did not get any delegates.

Of the candidates who did manage to get delegates, Romney is clearly getting the least bang for his megabucks, by quite a margin. He might as well stand in the median of I-89 burning $50 bills […]

You don’t say.

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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    […] He was a failure as a Presidential candidate. what was the dollars spent for each delagate he won? $975K per delagate? Wow! What a failure, and what a spendthrift to send before the American public! Surely even John […]

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