Romney’s ROI continues to plummet in Iowa—sign that the hapless candidate is hemmoraging grass roots support as he must depend more heavily on hirelings, paid staff, and other costly services—can Romney buy the Iowa Caucus?

“In a sign that Mitt Romney is really going all out to win this thing, and also that genuine grassroots support could be slowing down, he revealed yesterday that he did indeed put more of his own money into the campaign during the fourth quarter — but he won’t reveal how much,” writes Eric Kleefield in a Talking Points Memo blog burst titled Romney: I’ve Put In More Money — But I Won’t Tell You How Much

The emphasis is ours, all ours.

Could this be why?

the high price Romney pays for his aggressively negative campaigning—blogosphere blogbuzz suggests movement away from both Gov. Huckabee AND the hapless candidate from MA, Romney

Another artifact of Romney’s negative campaigning. Others feel compelled to defend the victims of Romney’s abuse. Kleefield also reports that the Union Leader has bashed Romney on its front page!

Mitt Romney is facing some more media fire in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Union Leader’s publisher, Joseph W. McQuaid, has written a front-page editorial bashing the candidate over his attacks against John McCain …

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dr. g.d.


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