“What do you call it when a corporation or campaign”—for example, Team Romney—“finances a fable grassroots movement?”

“What do you call it when a corporation or campaign finances a fable grassroots movement? What do you call it when politically funded ghost writers fabricate a site that pretends to be from genuine voters and supporters? The technical term for such a fake grassroots movement is ‘Astroturfing,'” writes bulkhater in a digg.com post titled Romney Campaign lacks grassroot support, plants astroturf


(a) follow the link,

(b) digg bulkhater’s post,

(c) follow bulkhater’s link to the astroturf site and bask in the naive and transparent fakery of a desperate campaign

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


  1. 1 More Romney astroturfing: Jews for Mitt? « who is willard milton romney?

    […] January 8, 2008 in GOP, campaign communications, campaign communiques, election 2008, media, mitt romney, republicans, rhetoric, romney, stupidity, the dark soul of Mitt Romney, triumph of unreasonTags: astroturf, astroturfing, evangelicals for mitt, fakery, flak-claque fraud-blog, fraud, idiots, jews for mitt, morons, new media Astroturf defined here. […]

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