“What would it cost to buy the support of just about every nationally-syndicated neocon talk show host in America?”—asks Chris Brunner of  Alex Jone’s TruthNews.us in a post titled Mitt Romney to Buy Clear Channel Communications

About $19.5 Billion, which is what Mitt Romney’s private equity firm, Bain Capital, and Thomas H. Lee Partners have agreed to pay in a leveraged buyout agreement with Clear Channel Communications, the largest radio station owner in the country.

Clear Channel owns over 1,100 full-power AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations, twelve radio channels on XM Satellite Radio, and more than 30 television stations in the United States. Premiere Radio Networks, which is the largest syndication company in the United States, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel and is home to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and many others. Sean Hannity recently signed a large multi-market contract with Clear Channel, as well … etc.

In a NolanChart.com post titled Implications of Mitt Romney’s Purchase of Clear Channel Communications; Mitt Romney’s firm Bain Capital is in the process of trying to buy Clear Channel Communications, the sort-of kind-of off-again on-again libertarian CT Johnson opines:

This deal, even though not closed yet, could be significant. No candidate running for President of the United States at this time could boast such direct influence with the media. One has to wonder if the Romney campaign would make it publicly known that their candidate was tied to the above mentioned 1,100 radio stations 12 XM stations and 30 plus TV stations. Would these stations in the tradition of honest journalism mention their ties to Romney whenever a story about the 2008 Presidential race was discussed? This writer sure hopes so. The American electorate deserves to have the whole truth so that any bias, accidental or not, can be considered …

Our comment: Holy bloody crap!

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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