“The Iowa Republican Party announced today that the debate they had planned in concert with Fox is now off. It was to be December 4th,” writes Jonathan Martin in a Politico post titled Fox/Iowa GOP debate off, Romney blamed

(In the language of manic depression, Team Romney is a rapid cycler. They spiral up and then suddenly collapse in a cascade of failures. This is Team Romney collapsing.)

The press release issued by the party said it had been cancelled due to unspecified “candidate scheduling conflicts.”

But in a statement at the bottom of the release, Iowa GOP executive director Chuck Laudner appears to pin the blame on just one.

“It is too bad that a candidate wouldn’t want to take advantage of this kind of debate with representation from all 99 Iowa counties in the audience, let alone the fact FOX News Channel has had the most viewers of any debate,” Laudner said.

Per some unhappy Iowa Republican sources, that candidate is Mitt Romney …

Romney may be learning from his mistakes—finally! Doubtless Romney weighed the fall-out from offending a party establishment that he has already bought and paid for against the huge risk of another disastrous debate performance. Our evaluation: Romney decided wisely on prudential grounds alone—he should be commended for this brief moment of lucidity—and we do, that is, commend him. Would that he always acted with such prudence or foresight. He would be a far more effective candidate.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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