Is it “mittmentum,” or is it the US$85,000 a day—$US600,000.00 last week alone—for a total so far of US$10.2 million that Romney is spending on television advertising that has resulted in Romney’s unstable, unreliable early primary-state leads—yet more evidence of Romney’s frighteningly low ROI for his every campaign dollar

“CNN reports that Mitt Romney ‘has spent $10.2 million on television advertising this year, a record amount at this point in a presidential campaign, according to new data provided to CNN,'”writes Taegan Goddard of Teagan Goddard’s Political Wire in a post titled Romney’s Campaign Sets New Record for Early TV Advertising

“He is spending more than $85,000 a day — $600,000 last week alone — on campaign commercials, according to TNSMI/Campaign Media Analysis Group, CNN’s consultant on political television advertising spending. Romney’s presidential campaign commercials have aired more than 14,500 times. The closest Republican to Romney in ad spending is Arizona Sen. John McCain, who has aired more than $300,000 worth of campaign ads.”

And what are the results of this massive spending?—not much:

“The primary contest in both parties [for NH] remains highly fluid – just 16 percent of likely Republican voters said they had definitely decided whom to back; among likely Democratic primary voters, only 24 percent are firm in their choice,” reports Scott Helman of the Globe Staff in a release titled Romney, Clinton ahead, vulnerable in N.H. poll; Race still open, analysts say

And neither Clinton nor Romney has closed the deal with their party’s voters, the poll suggests.

It’s still really open,” said Andrew E. Smith, director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, which conducted the Globe poll … etc.

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