John Cronin claims Romney not responsible for “Big Dig” debacle despite Romney’s televised promises as governor to get to the bottom of the dangerous, deadly project

“Now, here is where those pesky things we call ‘facts’ come into play,” writes John Cronin for in a post titled I’ll Thank You Not To Cloud This Debate With Facts

John is true to his word. He never tries to “cloud [the] debate with facts.” Here is what he is responding to:

forget the winter olympics that no one remembers anyway: “[Romney] presided over the opening of the most corrupt and most expensive public works project in U.S. history”

Here is John’s limp rejoinder:

… The project was first conceived in the early ’70’s. Fact: Mitt Romney was in France in the early seventies, working as a Mormon missionary. Fact: Mitt Romney had nothing to do with the planning of the project. Fact: The project was considered too expensive by President Reagan and he vetoed the bill, which Congress promptly over rode. The initial work on the project began in 1983, a time when Mitt Romney was in the private sector and would not begin his public service for more than a decade. Fact: By the time MR became the Governor of Massachusetts, the “Big Dig” and been a work in progress for 20 years …

Correction: These are not facts, John. These are alibis—e.g. : Officer, my client was proselytizing among the French when this project was conceived. And my client was in the private sector when Reagan tried to kill the project and when the project began etc., etc.

Here is the problem, John. Your alibis contradict the Romney-as-leader, Romney-as-problem-solver topos that the Romney campaign retails, because it is also a “fact”—as you yourself concede—that Romney was governor of MA when the Big Dig began to return its grim dividends of death and disaster. Yet Romney did nothing. Where, John, was your (in)famous “turn-around manager” Romney then?! That’s the question, John, not who conceived of, or initiated, the Big Dig.

So Gregg Jackson answers in advance your counter-argument in his initial argument when he writes:

… Mitt went on TV and said he would get to the bottom of this dangerous, deadly project. But he didn’t. Here was a public safety issue a conservative could have made a presidential-run-reputation on, exposing the Democrat corruption and fixing the problems. But he ignored it, preserving the public health menace for future victims. Instead, he took campaign contributions from international Big Dig contractors … etc., etc.

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