meet Team Romney’s security advisors: Cofer—17 Iraqis murdered in cold blood by Blackwater mercenaries—Black and General James “I will disregard the Laws of Land Warfare and stab you in the thigh” Marks

“On Sept. 19, 2001, J. Cofer Black, the director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center, summoned two agents to his office,” writes Michael Levenson in a Boston Globe story titled, strangely, Romney advisor at home in the spy world fray

“I want bin Laden’s head shipped back in a box filled with dry ice,” Black told them, one of the agents later reported. “I want to be able to show bin Laden’s head to the president.”

Black – who is now Mitt Romney’s chief adviser on counterterrorism and national security – is a brash and tough-talking veteran spy. He is also controversial. Black is widely credited with trying to warn then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice about Al Qaeda in the summer of 2001, but an internal CIA report last summer criticized his counterterrorist center, saying it lacked an effective strategy before Sept. 11.

Now Black is facing more scrutiny for his current role as a top executive of Blackwater Worldwide, the international security firm whose alleged killing of 17 Iraqis prompted a congressional investigation and a demand from the Iraqi government that the firm withdraw from the country.

Yuh-huh. Please see:

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  1. 1 Greenwald: “On every issue, Romney either (a) explicitly says that the President has the right to act without limits of any kind or (b) provides blatantly nonresponsive answers strongly insinuating the same thing” « who is willard milton

    […] Yuh-huh. Please see: meet Team Romney’s security advisors: Cofer—17 Iraqis murdered in cold blood by Blackwater merce… […]

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