Team Romney’s weekend from hell—will it prompt Romney to reflect and review?—history would predict: probably not

A tough weekend for Mitt?—asks Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, under the leadership and guidance of Julia Steers in an msn firstread post titled Mitt’s Tough Weekend

Judging by the number of Thompson vs. Giuliani storylines after last night’s debate, Thompson might be judged the ultimate winner; he seemed much more comfortable than at the CNBC/MSNBC/WSJ debate earlier this month. The GOP primary seems to be a fight between Rudy and those who want to be the anti-Rudy. So as far as the anti-Rudy debate went last night, Thompson topped Romney and Huckabee. And therefore, that arguably makes Romney, by process of elimination, the loser. In addition, Romney’s very narrow win at Values Voter straw poll could be interpreted as a bad win for Romney — if there are such things. With the divided vote, was Rudy the big winner at the Value Voters Summit as well? Speaking of Value Voters, Huckabee scored another surprise showing … etc., etc.

The Romney campaign has accomplished by this late date precisely none of the tasks it set for itself. Iowa and NH remain up for grabs. The conservative base remains divided and unconvinced. Romney’s spending overcomes his fund raising and he has failed to develop or extend his donor base. Romney’s negatives remain historically high etc., etc. Yet Romney’s campaign organization gropes blindly from disaster to catastrophe—is someone asleep at the wheel?

Question: Why is Romney not learning from his mistakes? Why is he not taking stock? Why is he not asking hard questions of himself and of his hireling entourage? Why is he not attempting to address his many deficits? Regard: Romney will assume any position that his focus groups or consultants advise him to assume; he will take on and discard ideological commitments like mosts people change their socks. Romney’s campaign, on the other hand, has followed the same non-performing script since we started monitoring it.

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