“Mitt Romney is running an awful campaign,” writes Matthew E. in a race42008.com post titled A Candidate without a Tale

Now, before I’m massacred for saying this, let me clarify. Romney is running a fantastic technical campaign. This is practically the only reason he’s still in the race. In terms of courting activists, setting up organizations, and executing strategy. In these areas, Mitt Romney has no equal …

But, in a more pivotal respect, he has failed on virtually every level. I’ll call this the narrative aspect of the campaign. Let me briefly expand on this idea. To paraphrase David McCullough,  “all of history can be understood in terms of people, and only in this context is the subject truly fascinating to the average American”. People like people. When we read something, when we read anything, we’re attempting to relate to something which is comprehensible within the range of our experiences. We’re attempting to relate to something. But, we’re humans. Which means, ultimately, we’re attempting to relate to someone.

Running for president isn’t simply about presenting an agenda of loosely related policy positions. It’s about presenting yourself. And Romney has failed to present any compelling narrative for Romney the man …

… That’s not to say Romney hasn’t tried any of this. But, his campaign ventures into these arenas so haphazardly, without any sort of greater coherency behind the forays, that it comes across as sheer pandering. I know I’ve been harsh here, but I’m absolutely positive Romney will lose to Hillary Clinton in a general election, unless he begins to address these difficulties. And that’s an absolute shame. Because, he’d make a wonderful President …etc., etc.

The emphases are ours.

Romney cannot articulate a single coherent idea—let alone a vision or a sense of purpose—but he would make a wonderful president?—how does that follow?

It can’t be good news for Romney’s campaign when the the burning question of the moment is “why is Romney such a failure?” See also:

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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