Sen. McCain boldy states the obvious: Romney disrespects voters

“McCain also said Romney wasn’t ‘respecting the voters’ by changing his position on so many issues, and criticized him for invoking the legacy of Ronald Reagan despite having previously held ‘liberal positions on every issue, all of which have changed, of course,'” reports someone at FITSNews in blog post titled FITSNews Exclusive – McCain Says Romney Too “Inexperienced” To Be President

“For him to lay claim to that Republican record isn’t respecting the voters,” McCain said flatlyetc., etc.

Thank you, Senator. We concur. Every time Romney utters the name “Reagan,” or insists on the integrity of his fluid and often reversible “principles,” we feel deeply “disrespected.”

About the experience issue we disagree. It is not Romney’s inexperience that disqualifies him—at least not for us. It is Romney that disqualifies Romney.

An experienced Romney would still be Romney.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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