“Referring to his willingness to hold talks with hostile states, despite his skepticism that dictators will negotiate in good faith, Romney says, ‘Like H. Ross Perot used to say, “I’m all ears,”‘” writes the laconic Jim Geraghty in a Campaign Spot text-burst titled Romney’s Second Reference to Ross Perot in One Appearance

Others—as well as we ourselves—have noted the parallels between

Perot, the folksy and diminutive engineer who wanted to apply principles of problem solving familiar to engineers to Washington


Romney, the equity sector candidate, who wants to apply principles of problem solving familiar to capital managers to Washington etc., etc.

We have also noted the grandiosity, the narcissism, and the sense of messianic purpose that the two figures share(d).

We have also noted how similarly the two have organized and funded their campaigns.

We have also noted how Romney, like Perot before him, is rapidly evolving from a serious candidate into a spoiler, one whose purpose is to deny the Republicans a victory.

What interests us is that there is now evidence that Romney himself is pondering these things in his small, dark, cold, diamond-hard heart.

Madonna Lebling, in a Washington Post article titled Report to Show Romney Fortune’s Bigger Role:

… Romney’s candidacy has quietly morphed into one of the nation’s first hybrid campaigns for a major-party presidential nomination: one that is neither a traditional bid built on individual donations nor a self-funded effort such as those launched by billionaires Steve Forbes and Ross Perot …

Gilad Dotan, PhD, in a <Who is Willard Milton Romney> post titled Romney: GOP for sale; says US$20,000,000.00 is the price for a top-tier position:

… Romney has funded, staffed and organized his campaign akin to an independent candidate, e.g. Ross Perot. He operates largely independently of GOP sources of funding, organization, and support …

Jonathan Singer in a web log post titled Is Mitt Romney Running out of Money?

… Romney campaign isn’t exactly running a traditional campaign — seldom have we seen a presidential candidate, outside of a Ross Perot or a Steve Forbes, self-fund to the extent that Romney has …

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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