SC strategist for Romney implicated in scandal involving millions of taxpayer dollars—what does it say about Romney when he capers and cavorts with thugs and thieves?

“FITSNews – October 14, 2007 – It’s shaping up to be quite a couple of weeks for veteran GOP consultant Warren Tompkins, the ethically-compromised lead S.C. strategist for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney,” writes the estimable—well, we don’t know who wrote this—for in a post titled Another Warren Tompkins Scandal; INSURANCE SCAM LATEST EXAMPLE OF CONSULTANT’S UNETHICAL DEALINGS

Only a month after Tompkins’ firm was busted operating an anonymous attack website targeting GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson, Tompkins now finds himself at the center of another brewing political scandal, this one involving millions of taxpayer dollars.

Reporter Dan McCue of the Charleston Regional Business Journal has labored to produce a brilliant piece of investigative journalism highlighting Tompkins’ connection to a multi-million dollar state insurance contract that hasn’t been competitively bid in 19 years – a cozy backscratching relationship that has cost South Carolina taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

Thanks to the hard work of Rep. Murrell Smith (who initially exposed the problem) and the recommendations of a recent Budget and Control Board report, the financial particulars of this shady arrangement have been widely-reported by mainstream media in South Carolina in recent months. However, the extent of Tompkins’ involvement was not widely-known until McCue’s piece was published this Fridayetc., etc.

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