… “Craig”—in an NBC interview with some guy named Matt Lauer—“also takes to task Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the interview. Craig was one of two Senate liaisons for Romney’s campaign before Craig removed himself from that position when news of his arrest broke. Romney later said of Craig, ‘He’s disappointed the American people,'” writes Jeff Dufour and Patrick Gavin—who, apparently, cover people, power and politics in the beltway—in a Yeas & Nays blog post titled Craig: “I made a very big mistake.”

Craig tells Lauer: “I was very proud of my association with Mitt Romney. I’d worked hard for him here in the state. I was a co-chair of his campaign on Capitol Hill. And he not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again”more

Disappointed the American people? We consider ourselves American—as well as religious conservatives—and we could not possibly care less about Sen. Craig’s indiscretions. (We have laws, courts etc.) All that interests us about this non-event is how Romney elected to respond to it—i.e. with what degree of compassion Romney would treat his friend and his friend’s family.

Background on the Craig case and related issues:

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