“Many candidates change. Romney seems to have given himself a makeover. Which has prompted more than a few people to ask: Who is this guy?”—writes Washington Post Staff Writer David Segal in a transmission titled A Changed Man; Mitt Romney’s Ideological Turnabout Has Critics Wondering: Who Is This Guy?

The search for an Overarching Theory of Mitt has been a preoccupation in Massachusetts, where his journey rightward played out in a highly public way. His fans say he simply evolved; his detractors call him a flip-flopper. But talk to those who’ve watched him longest, and some who were personally wooed during his run for governor, and you’ll hear something else. The man is a born salesman, they say, and he has taken the modus operandi of selling to a whole different level in the world of politics.

“To Mitt Romney, politics is just another product,” says Jeffrey Berry, a professor of politics at Tufts University and longtime Romney watcher. “Products can be recast, reshaped and remarketed in endless ways. Now, that might sound cynical, but Mitt isn’t a charlatan. He’s simply had so much success in the business world that his approach in that realm seems like the natural way of doing things.”
Venturing Into Capital

All politicians must sell, of course, but none is steeped in the art of the sale quite like Romney. It’s a talent he inherited from his father, a three-term governor of Michigan who once ran American Motors Corp. and logged thousands of miles to push its compact cars. A Time magazine cover story in 1959 recounted his visits to women’s clubs, where his patter included the line, “Ladies! Why do you drive such big cars?”

After the younger Romney collected those Harvard degrees, he spent more than a dozen years as a venture capitalist, a job that requires you to pitch to companies (so they will let you acquire them) and to banks (so they will issue loans) and to investors (so they will invest)more

Segal’s exposition is consonant with McLaughlin of Redstate; see: McLaughlin of Redstate on Romney: Americans hate phonies

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  1. laserhaas

    Mitt Romney benefited from $300 million in fraud

    From [edit] Laser Haas
    108 e jewel st
    Delmar, DE 19940
    To [edit] Philadelphia Inquirer, The Sun, Philadelphia Daily News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Daily Local News, The Daily Times

    NOTE: Each recipient will only see his/her own email address.
    Subject [edit] Mitt Romney benefited from $300 million fraud in eToys bankruptcy related cases.
    Message [edit] The amount of skullduggery in this case will boggle your mind. The Law firms of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (MNAT) and Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) worked for Bain related entities prior to 2001. Then MNAT became the Debtor’s counsel for eToys and TBF became the Creditors Counsel in eToys in March 2001. Where they sold the assets of eToys to Bain/KB toys for tens of millions in discounts.
    We proved to the courts and US Trustee that fraud and perjury occurred. $300 million in fraud issues, including hidden, undeclard, million dollar cash deposits overseas and $100 million in cash paid to Bain and Michael Glazer prior to bankruptcy being filed.
    The US Trustee, Frank Perch even testified that he warned the parties against violating Code 327(a). Despite that warning TBF and MNAT drafted a clandestine Hiring Letter that reward Barry Gold if he choose not to apply to the Court, whereupon he was given the CEO job of eToys.
    They refused to entertain offers for other entities to acquire the public entity of eToys. Then it was discovered that Barry Gold was a paid, long time associate of TBF.
    Frank Perch motioned to disgorge TBF $1.6 million and stated that he had warned the parties not to do what they did anyway. That Fraud upon the Court had occurred. The law requires disqualification. Yet even Frank Perch sought to be lenient, not seeking disqualification and speciously failing to even mention MNAT.
    Less than 10 days later the Dept of Justice attorney for the US Trustee office, Mark Kenney, voided Frank Perch’s motion and went even further in leniency. Reducing the disgorgement to $750,000 (the WSJ story can be seen here http://www.wjfa.net/bk/etoys.html ) and then Mark Kenney did worse he gave the TBF implied blanket immunity with the following illegal clause,

    “WHEREAS the United States Trustee shall not seek to compel TBF to make any additional disclosures” [report other crimes].

    Of the many other crimes that the “not seek to compel” desires to cover up is the fact that TBF and MNAT also work in the KB Toys bankruptcy, TBF works for the Creditors and MNAT actually, flagrantly (as the cat is out of the bag) rerpresents Bain. TBF petitioned the Court in the KB case to be the one to prosecute the $100 million cash that Bain and Michael Glazer paid themselves before the bankruptcy was filed. When we informed the Court, Mark Kenney ws the one who defended the perpetrators and Obstructed justice by having the Courts throw us out.
    I am Laser Steven Haas, the sole 100% owner of Collateral Logistics Inc (CLI) the Court approved liquidation consultant in the eToys bankruptcy. Stating that we do not have standing or the courts permission to inform the court of fraud is absurd.
    We informed eveyrone, including the FBI, the Public Integrity Section, the OIG, OGE, OPR, SEC Bankruptcy Fraud Div (yes there is one) and the Corp Fraud Task Force. All of whom referred us to the General Counsel of the US Trustee’s in Washington DC and the Del US Attorney’s office.
    Dec 22, 2004 the US Trustee’s issued a press release (after we proved the issue and informed the EOUST) Dec 22 2004 was also the date of our Emergency Hearing on the fraud and perjury issues.
    Lawrence Friedman, the Director of the EOUST replaced the Region 3 Trustee, Roberta DeAngelis. After we had direct communication with Lawrence Friedman about the Mark Kenney issues, Frank Perch and Lawrence Friedman resigned. (you can see the press release on Mr. Friedman at the US Trustee website also).
    As the US Trustee is an arm of the Dept of Justice the DOJ has protocols to handle such issues as US Trustee parties betraying their oath of office. This is why everyone referred us back to the EOUST office General Counsl. The problem is the GC of the EOUST is now Roberta DeAngelis, in charge of investigating the case she was removed from. As such she is presently acting as an appellee, in the 3rd Circuit Court case 07-2360 seeking that the court dismiss the case. DeAngelis is an appellee with MNAT and TBF.
    The TBF law firms has disbanded and closed. But the Court issued an Opinion and Order on Oct 4 2005 that let Barry Gold stay in place as the Court approved the Stipulation to Settle by Mark Kenney. The Opinion contradicts the Order it approved, where the Opinion says everyone must disclose, that no perjury had been proven (even though the parties confessed to 14 intentionally false affidavits) and that the Court would not refer the matter officially to the US Attorney. (violating 18 USC 3057(a)).
    To make matters even worse, the US Attorney for Delaware, who has refused to prosecute the $300 million in fraud and confessed acts of Perjury is Colm F Connolly. Who is now offered to be a Del Dist Ct Judge. Turns out that Colm Connolly was a partner with MNAT before becoming a US Attorney in 2001. Where he was associated, as a partner with the firm MNAT when the perjury and fraud began.

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