“LONG BEACH, Calif. –Republican Mitt Romney, who once said donating to his presidential campaign would be a nightmare, told an audience Wednesday that the millions he is pouring into the race keep him free of special interests,” writes the estimable Glen Johnson for the associated press in a release titled Romney says he may donate more of own money to his campaign

The former Massachusetts governor made the pronouncement amid a five-day California swing that includes 11 fundraisers, and just before a lobbying group’s fundraiser for him in Washington. Romney also said he would likely contribute more to his campaign before the fundraising quarter ends Monday, although he declined to say how much.

To date, the venture capitalist has contributed $9 million to his campaign, nearly a quarter of his overall contributions.

“I don’t like the fact that money has such an impact on politics, but this to me is a reason I’m investing at least as much as everybody else — probably a little more,” Romney told about 200 people in an airport hangar.

“I’m not beholden to any particular group for getting me into this race or for getting me elected. My family, that’s the only one I’m really beholden to, they’re the ones who let their inheritance slip away, dollar by dollar”more [emphasis ours]

But this is the problem. Romney is “beholden to none” but Romney. Romney has no base, no movement, no supporters who invest their substance in his success—he has no one that he owes, no one that he trusts, no source of sounder counsel. Combine that with Romney’s famous proclivity for reversing himself on core issues, and what you have is a loose cannon on a wet and greasy deck in a storm-tossed sea.

Apparently the troubled candidate’s attempts to raise money are failing. We’re shocked.

As we wrote before here:

As we wrote before here: Every question about every task that awaits the Romney campaign reduces to how much of Romney’s own money—the patrimony of his beloved sons—is Romney willing to squander? This whole farce could end tomorrow—or even tonight—this very moment it could all disappear as if it were a dream—were Romney to somehow summon up the courage within himself to refuse to sign another check and demand that his friends and followers support him with more than polite nods and nervous smiles.

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dr. g.d.


  1. 1 who is willard milton romney?

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