“Lately, Romney has been branding himself as the scold of the Republican Party, calling in one ad for the GOP to embrace lower spending, higher ethics and tough immigration policies. He sits atop the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, though nationally he trails Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and John McCain,” reports Jim Kuhnhenn in an AP release titled Campaigns Prepare for Big Spending Spree.

Calculated attack ads by candidates seeking to shake up the field are likely in the next three months.

“The thing about the Republican side of the coin is that virtually every single one of the candidates has a glass jaw,” said GOP pollster and strategist Tony Fabrizio. “The question becomes when the punches start flying who is the guy who’s going to be able to put back together his glass jaw” … more

About Romney’s negativity, and the coming GOP-apocalypse when the Romneys and their flaks and hirelings finally decide to unleash themselves—and they will, and what ensues will be ugly, bloody, and extreme—see:

Romney’s negative attacks on others and his negatives in the polls–what is the link?

On Romney’s spending

Mitt Romney is the only Republican to buy television time. He has spent more than $6 million, with at least $2.7 million in Iowa and $1.7 million in New Hampshire, according to totals compiled by Tracey. Those numbers will increase as a result of new buys of air time in the two states through Oct. 2. Romney also is buying time in Florida and South Carolina and has spent at least $2 million on national advertising.

His advertising has largely been underwritten by his own wealth. The former Massachusetts governor, who has said his assets are worth between $190 million and $250 million, pumped nearly $9 million into his campaign in the first six months of the year and has said he has lent it more this quartermore

Conclusion: Romney has no base, no following. What he has is cash, his own cash. Further conclusion: Every question about every task that awaits the Romney campaign reduces to how much of Romney’s own money—the patrimony of his beloved sons—is Romney willing to squander? This whole farce could end tomorrow—or even tonight—this very moment it could all disappear as if it were a dream—were Romney to somehow summon up the courage within himself to refuse to sign another check and demand that his friends and followers support him with more than polite nods and nervous smiles.

Romney’s only empirical limit is, alas, Romney.

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dr. g.d.


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