more Romney contradiction and equivocation: does Romney want to distance himself from Bush, or not?

Unlike other GOP hopefuls, he offers no words of support for the president. It’s a risky strategy, writes the talented but non-fact checking and credulous Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer in a story titled Romney keeps distance from Bush

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney stepped further Sunday down a potentially treacherous path — distancing himself from a Republican president who, though generally unpopular, retains the overwhelming support of most of those who will vote in the party’s primaries.

In a nationally broadcast television ad and in comments Sunday at Chapman University in Orange, Romney implicitly suggested that the party had gone off course in the years President Bush had been in office and when Republicans controlled Congress.
When one questioner from the Chapman audience described Bush as “one of the most divisive presidents that we’ve had in a long, long time,” the president got no words of support from Romney.

“In Washington, somehow we seem broken,” the former Massachusetts governor said. “Washington is a mess.”

In the ad, Romney strikes the same note.

“It’s time for Republicans to start acting like Republicans,” he says, echoing remarks from recent campaign events. “It’s time for a change, and change begins with us.”

Romney is hardly alone in drawing some careful distance between himself and the current occupant of the White House. But the conflicts involved in laying criticism on a Republican president — during wartime, no less — have been apparentmore

Tim Grieves rejoins Decker’s claims in Site Pass blog post titled Romney hearts Bush (just don’t tell anyone, OK?)

A headline in today’s Los Angeles Times: “Romney Keeps Distance from Bush: Unlike other GOP hopefuls, he offers no words of support for the president. It’s a risky strategy.”

It’s so risky, in fact, that it doesn’t seem to be Romney’s strategy at all.

From Google:

Mitt Romney, July 7, 2007: “I know that it is popular today to be critical of the president. And he is not above making mistakes. But we should thank him for doing everything in his power to keep us safemore examples follow, all recent, all found using

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