Romney: American workers are lazy and over-compensated

… [Romney] also said the nation faces economic competition unlike it has seen before. ‘We’ve always been competing with Europe. We know how to compete with Europe – they’re like us, they like short work weeks, they want long vacations – we can compete with that. But we’re going to be competing now with Asia, with China and India and Vietnam – a lot of people, hard-working people, it’s going to be tougher,’ argues Romney himself in a Palm Beach Post story titled Romney Stumps on Security, Taxes, Economy and featured on Romney’s campaign web site.

What penetrating economic analysis—and what a bold conclusion: American workers are lazy, underworked, and over-compensated by short work weeks and long vacations—is this a winning argument? Would anyone in America with a job agree with this claim? Do you, dear reader, believe that you are under-worked and over-compensated? Are you under-exploited? Do you believe that you are a drag on US competitiveness?

Or: Is Romney praising the virtue of e.g. Chinese workers? Or is Romney praising the regime that has cheapened the value of their labour by suppressing the quality of their lives?

We ask: What precisely does Romney want to emulate about either China or its workers?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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