Dobson of Focus on the Family sells soul to Satan for a pittance; praises Romney

“Dobson, the influential leader of the Christian organization Focus on the Family, praised Romney on a radio program and said he may end up supporting him,” writes Scott Helman in a story titled Conservative Christian offers praise for Romney.

“I mean he’s very presidential and he’s got the right answers to many, many things,” Dobson told conservative commenator Laura Ingraham on her show. Dobson said he hasn’t decided whom to back, but that Romney “is still on the list.”

Dobson, whose voice carries tremendous weight among Christian conservatives, said this week that he could never support former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani. And he has said before that he won’t back the other leading Republican, Arizona Senator John McCain. That leaves Romney as the only top-tier presidential candidate who could land Dobson’s endorsement — a potentially huge boost for him as he tries to win primary voters.

This is the same Dobson who earlier rejected Romney’s unseemly advances. See:

Romney courts Dobson, fails miserably to persuade, in which a fawning Romney is depicted as crawling on his hands and knees before Dobson, only to get rejected—as Blumenthal, in an article titled The Swift-boating of [Willard Milton] Romney—argues that the Evangelicals themselves—Dobson people—mounted a counter-offensive:

… Two Christian-right operatives involved in orchestrating the charges have enlisted as Internet organizers for former Senator Fred Thompson, who is preparing to enter the race formally. The tactics of these religious-right players, targeted below the radar against Romney, are calculated to alter decisively the outcome of the Republican primary contest.

The assault was launched on July 5 with an opening shot in the form of a breathless press release issued through the mega-ministry Focus on the Family. In it, veteran antiporn crusader Phil Burress called Romney’s failure to take action against pay-per-view hotel porn during his tenure on Marriott’s board “extremely disturbing.” That same day, a Focus on the Family spokesman took to the radio airwaves to ask whether Romney would “turn a blind eye” to pornography if elected President … more

We ask: What happened between then and now? Who paid off whom and precisely how much passed hands?—however much it was, it wasn’t enough.

Romney the man has no credibility.  So: he must take it from others, whether by force, fraud, or flattery. Or in this case …

This is the best news the Romneys have heard in weeks.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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