Dooley Complex: Paul has winning day in wonkosphere; also: Gallup poll—Ron Paul within MOE of Romney

“Ron Paul had a whopping good day in Wonkosphere yesterday, leading all Republican candidates with 30% buzz share amongst conservative bloggers. Much of the discussion was about his Salt Lake City appearance,” writes the estimable Dooley in a Dooley Complex post titled Paul has winning day in Wonkosphere.

Also: data developed by the Gallup people place the underfunded, GOP insurgent Ron Paul (4%) within the margin of error of Willard Milton—“I have so far spent upwards of US$9 million of my own money funding this failing, poorly organized campaign and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”—Romney (7%). See:

GOP Update: McCain Gains While Romney Fades, by Frank Newport and Joseph Carroll, in which the authors detail Romney’s sudden slump to 2nd tier in the national polls

Question: What conclusions do the Romney people draw from these findings and developments? They must have access to at least the same if not far better data. They must be monitoring the same events. They must be poring over the same walking maps, trying to make sense of the same reports from various sources. They had to have seen this all coming—either that or they’re all idiots. Or: could the Romney campaign’s serene non-responsiveness to the news of the world be a spectacular and extreme case of group think?

At the moment we are willing to entertain almost any hypothesis. Does anyone have any idea?

OTOH: there is evidence to suggest that a reeling and punch-drunk Team Romney is painfully aware of their downward spiral. See:

David S. Broder describes the fuhrerbunker-like gloom that hangs over the waterfront headquarters of a besieged Team Romney

yours &c.
dr. g.d.

P.S. Disclaimer: However much we may admire his strength of character and tenacity, we have no brief for the estimable Dr. Paul. We are for whoever is against Willard Milton Romney.


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