USA TODAY: “left and right agree: ‘PhoneyFred’ website linked to Romney consultant was a low blow”

“Links between a short-lived website called — which took some pretty hard shots at Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson in its one-day life — and a consultant to the Mitt Romney campaign in South Carolina have produced some rare agreement between bloggers from the left and the right,” write the estimable team of Mark Memmott and Jill Lawrence for the USA TODAY’s web log, On Politics.

  • “It’s perfectly legitimate to criticize one’s opponents on the basis of their record in office, but one would expect a legitimate campaign to do so openly and for attribution,” writes Ed Morrissey at the conservative Captain’s Quarters. “Doing the same anonymously not only make it less legitimate, but makes the campaign that engages in these attacks look less than courageous in their efforts.”
  • “The thing is with these dirtball sites you either do them publicly — the party committees do them all the time — or you conceal your role,” says Josh Marshall at the liberal Talking Points Memo. “One or the other, not a mix of the two.”, no longer exists. It disappeared yesterday, shortly after The Washington Post and Jonathan Martin of The Politico took notice of it … more

Please also see:

Romney slime machine staggers, sputters, and creaks into motion; target: Fred Thompson—question: how critically will the blowback damage the Romneys or the GOP?

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dr. g.d.

P.S. Also, downwithtyrranny comments aptly: FLIP FLOP MITT DUBS THOMPSON “FLIP FLOP FRED”– YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. It is interesting—and somewhat perverse—how the Romney’s attempt(ed) to project their own deficiencies onto the former Senator.


  1. 1 update: Romney campaign issues alibis and excuses for hit site that top Romney advisor and lead SC consultant Warren Tompkins developed and deployed « who is willard milton romney?

    […] We concur. Also see: USA TODAY: “left and right agree: ‘PhoneyFred’ website linked to Romney consultant was a low b… […]

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