Romney thug—later identified as an NH campaign staffer—accused of harassing woman because he “intuited” that she would cause trouble; also: team Romney busted for anti-Fred hit site

“On Sept. 3, I attended a house party for Mitt Romney in Ashland. While standing quietly waiting for Romney to appear, a gentleman approached me and said if I started any trouble I would be thrown out of the event. He stated that although the event was open to the public, it was still private property and I could be asked to leave at any point. He reiterated I would be tossed out because my “kind” weren’t welcome at such an event,” writes a distressed and perplexed Ms. Michelle Cunha in a letter to Concord Monitor titled Shoddy treatment from Romney’s staff.

I am an independent voter who was wearing a pair of jeans and a gray Bedford, Mass., sweatshirt to show my hometown pride. I was offended this gentleman would make such a blanket assumption about me. When I asked where he got the idea I would cause trouble, he stated it was his “intuition.” He said he would keep his eye on me. All the while, he used his 6-foot frame to intimidate my 5-foot-4-inch body … more

More on the sordid and lowly criminal underclass who serve as flunkies to the Romneys:

Or: see here for the estimable and always on point eye of’s account of Romney’ pretending to already to president in SC.

Or: see here for more dirty politics from the Romney slime machine:—a site crafted by paid Romney stooges and hirelings. The estimable Tommy Oliver of Race42008 reports the same story in a post titled WELL, WELL, WELL… Romney Camp- busted!!!

Romney? Please wait until you are sworn in—or: wait until you actually have any power—before you start abusing your power. OK?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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    […] Romney thug—later identified as an NH campaign staffer—accused of harassing woman because he “… […]

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