an exhausted Romney runs perilously thin on material—if only he could write his idea-strapped brain a check the way he can write his cash-strapped campaign a check

“We recently poked fun at Mitt’s propensity to repeat others when delivering his stump speech. Today, we’ll poke fun at him repeating himself. Romney gave comments a year ago commemorating the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11. This year, it was more of the same — literally,” writes the estimable Greg Hambrick for the Charleston City Paper in a story titled Romney Phones In Sept. 11 Comments.

For Romney’s “propensity”—we would say proclivity—to repeat others see Romney ‘08: You’ve Heard it All Before, by the same estimable, precise, and affable Greg Hambrick. Hambrick provides the following as evidence:

On turning 60: “As that country song says, I’m not as young as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.”

On America’s future: “Someone has described our current condition as being almost a perfect storm, like that movie.”

On Muslim radicals: “They want to cause the collapse of all civilization, as Tony Blair has said.”

On an allegedly modest Edwards personal savings plan: “Someone yelled out from the audience that it wouldn’t even buy him a haircut.”

On family values: “Peggy Noonan, the speech writer for President Reagan, said our kids are swimming in an ocean of filth — pornography, sex, violence, perversions. It’s time to clean that up.”

On lifelong politicians: “I was with a fellow in New York named Ezra Zilkha. He said, ‘Do you know what’s wrong with America today? … Politics has become a profession, not a duty.’ For me politics is a duty.”

On bipartisanship: “As my aunt says, ‘Watching Washington is like watching two guys in a canoe in a fast-moving river, approaching a waterfall. And instead of paddling, they’re arguing.’”

On America in Iraq: “Shemom Perez … said America is unique in the history of the world. In the history of the world, whenever there’s been a war, the nation that wins take land from the nation that loses … One nation in history has been willing to lay down hundreds of thousands of lives and take no land for itself”more

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