Romney US$9 million in the red—trying to suppress how much the candidate himself funds his own campaign—now announces grass roots funding effort

Justin Hart announces Romney’s grass roots funding effort on in a post titled, strangely, The Romney campaign has raised the bar again by lowering the hurdles to become a fundraiser.

Please see:

Hart himself concedes our point about the problem of Romney’s writing his own checks when he rejoins to another interlocutor:

“why does mitt need to raise money”- Answer: Forbes, Perot. Both big self-funded candidates who never included the masses and fell by the wayside. By demonstrating that people are willing to sacrifice their means to support you, you build on momentum and show real political support more

So far, the Romney campaign has organized and funded itself along the lines of the Forbes and Perot campaigns. Can the Romney campaign transition to a more party-aligned and broadly based operation?—we shall see. But history would predict otherwise—e.g. Romney versus Kennedy.

This is also—perversely!—the same hapless candidate who—famously!—announced that the GOP is for sale, and that the price tag for a top tier position is US$20,000,000.00. See:

Romney: GOP for sale; says US$20,000,000.00 is the price for a top-tier position—here is where we also exposit upon Romney’s shockingly low-gain marginal return on every campaign dollar investment, and why every Romney campaign dollar is worth about 20% of any other campaign’s dollar—Romney probably does need cash, but what Romney needs far more than cash is the practical wisdom necessary to use that cash efficiently and effectively.

More inconsistencies and contradictions from the Romneys.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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