prediction: evangelical vote will be split among 3 Republican candidates—will one of them be Romney?

Over all prediction: The evangelical vote will be split among 3 Republican candidates. Evangelicals will be disenchanted voters by the time November rolls around. Many of them will stay home rather then support two presidential candidates that they do not like. Their influence on the 2008 Presidential election will be minimal,” concludes [your name here] in a web log post titled Republican Candidates and the Evangelical Voter.

On Willard Milton Romney, [your name here] issues the following opinion:

Mitt Romney, the former Mormon governor from Massachusetts, is committed to pro life positions… for now. Romney is tracking well in Iowa and should come away with a strong showing but how long will it last. Romeny is not trusted by evangelicals because he is a Mormon and he flip flopped on the most important issue, abortion. Evangelical voters will find it extremely difficult to pull the lever for a candidate who is not 100% pro life.

Prediction: Evangelicals had a luxury with George Bush. He was one of them. He spoke their language. Romney is a Mormon, which in Presidential politics is somewhat unique. His Mormon belief and subsequent flip flopping on the issue of abortion will give him trouble with evangelical voters. He has a better chance than Rudi, but he a lot to over come … more

We concur—or at least we think we do—[your name here]’s analysis is based largely on intuitive grounds.

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