Romney tries to outbid Giuliani on tax-cuts and fails—again

“MANCHESTER, N.H., Sept. 6 — Mitt Romney is set to propose eliminating taxes on most investment earnings for families that make under $200,000 a year, the first in what his campaign says will be a series of announcements throughout the fall on the specifics of his tax policy,” writes the estimable Michael Luo in a NYT story titled Romney To Propose Ending Taxes on Holdings.

Romney’s proposal also appears on in a post by Matt C. titled Romney’s tax-free savings plan.

Here is our problem: we simply don’t believe Romney. His proposal is inconsistent with

(a) Romney’s record as a governor


(b) Romney’s other proposals, e.g. RomneyCare, which, as it turns out, is a spiraling fiscal disaster

Do you require evidence? Please see:

This is not the first time Romney has tried and failed to outflank his more forward-thinking rivals. Please see:

Conclusion: Romney is a plodding attritionist. The subtler arts of maneuver baffle the troubled candidate. For more on this theme, go here:

Romney the attritionist of Ames—even if he wins, he loses

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


  1. I think you may be becoming a disturbed man.

    Your 24-hour take-no-prisoners approach to Mitt Romney is either an obsession, which you seem to be letting get way out of control, or you are getting money for your non-stop attacks against Romney.

    By the way, are you actually FOR anyone for president?

  2. dotan

    Denny. Thank you for your thoughts and views—we hope that you and your family are well.

    Various responsa: we have no brief for any other candidate; we are undecided. But even if we supported another candidate, it would be inappropriate to post our thoughts on that candidate here. We have but one theme here: Willard Milton Romney. We have but one message: Romney is not who he says is; he is not what he says he is. That’s it. Nothing further. Nothing follows.

    Hence: our sense of focus. Are we paid to publish our thoughts and views on Romney?—no, per contra, we would happily pay for the privilege if we had to do so.

    Before you pass judgment on us, Denny, we would ask that you, yourself, try writing about Romney, about his defects of character, about his deficiencies of intellect and education, or about his many failures whether in his private life, his professional conduct, or his ill-fated political campaign. Write at least 4 to 5 web log posts a week exposing, enlarging upon, or elaborating the pathologies of the Romneys. It’s fun and easy; all the material you need exists on the web, and Romney produces more of it with every lie he utters, and every hole he stumbles into. Call this the Romney challenge! Take the Romney challenge for 6 months and don’t be surprised if good things begin to happen!

    Hey, but will writing about Romney whiten your teeth, freshen you breath, or halt the progress of your receding gum-line, receding hair-line, or expanding waist-line? Well, it could, but probably not. What it will do is help you to help others, because when you hold to the clear light of the truth, you illuminate the way for others so that they might find their way, whether through your words, whether through your deeds, or whether through the choices that you make. So I would ask that you consider well your choices, as I am confident that you will make the right one—which is to say, *not* Romney.

    your friend and confidant,
    dr. g.d., who has only your best interests at heart, Denny.

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