Romney campaign in total free-fall; Utah finance co-chair forced to resign; national finance co-chair indicted; campaign US$9,000,000.00 in debt

William Reston of asks Is Romney Inevitable?

Our response: maybe, perhaps. It depends on how much of Romney’s own money Romney wants to spend.


Scandal. Corruption. Financial mismanagement. Lots of money spent with nothing to show for it. Now we understand why Romney “looked bad” at the last Republican debate according to Romney sycophant Jim Geraghty!—Romney’s campaign is collapsing from within, so of course Romney is going to look pale, distracted, and confused—of course Romney’s scripted answers are going to seem “off.” See:

the Romneys and their flak–claque attempt to spin the debate—results: hysterical

Moral: Romney needs a turn-around manager. But where to find one?

… If only Romney could hire someone competent.

Romney should bless, praise, laud, and extol whatever Deity he believes appropriate for the virtual media blackout that hovers about his poorly-organized campaign like a dark cloud of thick smog. What other candidate, what other campaign, could survive a cascade of catastrophes like these, one after the other?–to not be taken seriously by press and punditry is Romney’s only saving grace at the moment.

Adding to Romney’s woes: Fred Thompson has finally-officially entered the race. So unless Romney is willing to spend more money than any other campaign in US history to win the south, Romney will probably lose it and his electoral strategy will fall all to little pieces. See:

Romney failing in SC—we ask: given Romney’s massive spending, why?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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