creepiest campaign video ever: [Romney and] the new silent majority.

Creepiest campaign video ever: [Romney and] The New Silent Majority.

Tagline: “Finally, a leader with integrity and experience has emerged, when we need him the most. Thank you Mitt Romney. God bless America.”

Here is what interests us. The text announces:

First screen: <fade in>There is a new silent majority in America. Are you are a part of it?<fade out>

second screen: <fade in>They [the new silent majority] don’t think of themselves as Republicans or Democrats.<fade out>

Third screen: <fade in>Or red or blue. They think of themselves as Americans. <fade out>

Etc., etc.

Romney supporters don’t think of themselves as Republicans? Funny. We tend to agree. In fact: there are many of us—that is, Republicans—who don’t think of Romney as a Republican either. BUT: Romney insists that he is not only a Republican, but a socially conservative Republican—well, sometimes he makes this claim—well, most of the time, at least since about a year ago when he had his Saul of Tarsus moment. But many of his followers insist that Romney is something other than a Republican or a conservative, as evidenced by this not-endorsed-by-the-Romneys campaign video. And behind the backs of conservatives Romney himself emits similar noise—he assumes this strangely messianic line that purports to transcend party or faction. See:

Here is the problem for Romney: He is already known as an unprincipled shape-shifter. He cannot therefore maintain both a conservative line and his non-partisan, apolitical, turn-around manager for the nation line, not without ghost-writing his own counter-narrative. His tack to the right has already alienated independents and moderates. And if Romney cherishes in his small, black heart the fantasy that he can tack in any other direction once he has secured the GOP nomination and still hold the GOP base together, then he has sadly, and disastrously, miscalculated. See:

Romney outflanks himself yet again!–poll indicates Romney’s pull to the right alienates independents, centrists, and moderates

Even if we were to concede that our divided nation needs someone who can transcend party or faction—which we do not concede, as we value pluralism and the discussion, debate, and the often adversarial reasoning that supports it—we would insist that Romney could never, ever be this person: Romney is too small, too weak, and too bereft of vision or even foresight. Besides: those who await strong leaders to save them invite disaster. The US is still a nation-state; not yet a principate, however much Romney and his toadies may wish that it were, and may wish that Romney were their prince. See:

Romney: an American Diocletion writ very-very small? Or: Listen to the voice of the Post-Progressive political actor, Romney

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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