update: Romney campaign now claims that Robert Lichfield “left [his Romney campaign finance co-chair position] of his own accord”

“A spokesman for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney slammed an earlier report from Radar Online that claimed the candidate’s Utah finance committee co-chair, who is the co-founder of an education group facing allegations of child abuse and fraud, was asked to resign his position at the urging of the campaign,” writes the estimable Jason Rhyne in a RawStory web log post titled Romney campaign says top fund raiser with links to ‘abusive schools’ resigned on his own.

Romney spokesman Stephen Smith, in a Thursday email to RAW STORY, said that although top fundraiser Robert Lichfield was no longer a part of the campaign, the decision was his alone.

“Robert Lichfield resigned on his own accord from the Romney campaign and is not a part of any campaign or finance activities,” said Smith.

The campaign’s comments contradicted statements from the president of Lichfield’s Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP), Ken Kay, who told Radar that Romney has asked Lichfield to stop all fundraising activities for the candidate’s campaignmore [emphasis ours]

Apparently Romney’s new ventriloquist dummy, Stephen Smith, is no more successful at not contradicting himself or the facts than Romney’s other ventriloquist dummy, the maddeningly inarticulate Kevin Madden.

Please see:

Romney campaign out of control (ii): Romney pleads with Utah committee finance co-chair Lichfield to step down

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