In an article for titled aptly titled My Growing Concerns About Romney, the estimable and reflective Tommy Oliver argues:

Although I’ve been vocal in my opposition to the former governor from Massachusetts (at least when compared to my preferred candidate), I have been slow to publicly accuse him of pandering and flip-flopping in the past. Today, he went beyond the boundary, and crossed that line. Last night when I was posting on the Larry Craig affair, I even went back and changed my post because someone accused me of using the situation to attack Romney by linking to articles that connected him to Craig. I was, at the time, disturbed by the fact that Romney pulled the YouTube video of Craig endorsing him, but I was willing to let that slide. Today’s actions, I can not and will not let go without calling it for what it ismore

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We echo Oliver’s analysis; see:

Romney tries to link his former campaign chairman to Bill Clinton; all of America balks at the risible transparency of Romney’s attempt to distance himself

Also see Jonathan Martin’s analysis aptly titled Romney throws Craig under a bus.

The estimable Paul Curtis, commenting on Oliver’s analysis, likewise concludes:

This, to me, seems consistent with Romney’s approach to policy. Romney’s famous flip-flopping — “pulling a Mitt Romney” — is likewise the result of his political amorality, his willingness to say and to pretend to believe (or maybe even to believe he believes) virtually anything so long as it advances his career. You wonder if he has any moral center at all, because he’s running a campaign that verges on the sociopathic … more

We heartily concur.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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