Romney equivocates anew; republican base largely unmoved despite massive spending

“He’s a Republican running to extend his party’s eight-year grip on the White House. Yet Mitt Romney is increasingly casting himself as the ‘change’ candidate, promising voters that he’s the one who would bring conservative reform to Washington,” reports the estimable Lisa Wangsness of the Boston Globe.

A new TV ad launched this week in Iowa shows Romney telling a cheering crowd after he won the Ames straw poll last weekend, “If there’s ever a time we needed to see change in Washington, it’s now.”

The change argument, which Romney increasingly weaves into his regular stump speech, seems designed to distance himself from President Bush’s dismal approval ratings and voters’ dismay with the war in Iraq. And as a former governor who spent most of his life as a successful businessman, Romney would seem well positioned to run against the Washington political culturemore

We have also harped on the string of Romney’s impossibly complicated casuistry:

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  1. 1 The Brody File: “Romney campaign won’t beat Giuliani on who cut taxes more as a public official.” « who is willard milton romney?

    […] typical Romney equivocal fashion—attempts to distance himself from the Bush family (see here)! By Bush family line we mean enlarging and extending the federal government to pursue putatively […]

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