Gronke asks: “will Mitt Romney be the John Connally of our age?”

Y’all remember John Connally, right?–asks Paul Gronke for, a professor of political science at Reed College.

Nixon’s Secretary of the Treasury, he’s notable in election lore for spending $11 million running in 1980 and gaining a single delegate. Another famous party-switcher and Texas, Phil Gramm, did John one better in 1996, spending more than $20 million, tying Bob Dole for first place in the Iowa straw poll, finishing 5th in the Iowa caucus, and pulling out before New Hampshire.

Is Mitt Romney destined to be the next Connally and Gramm? Romney and his flacks did the morning talk show circuit today, claiming that their candidate’s win in the Iowa straw poll is a “big start” and is “not hollow.” When you have to claim a first place finish is “not hollow,” you know you’re in trouble … more

We enlarge upon similar themes elsewhere:

Romney’s massive media expenditures less and less effective; more on Romney and the law of diminishing marginal returns on investment

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dr. g.d.


  1. 1 Romney’s self-financing an artifact of Romney’s self-deception—we call it the Madden Doctrine « who is willard milton romney?

    […] Gronke asks: “will Mitt Romney be the John Connally of our age?” […]

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