Romney, the visionless attritionist of Ames (ii)

In a tedious puff piece titled Romney Adapts Business Plan to Politics the formerly estimable—although not in this particular case—Glen Johnson of the AP writes:

That’s not just the plan in Iowa, where Romney had 12 town hall meetings scheduled in the final three days before the poll. His stops Friday included the Iowa State Fair, where he was serving as the Iowa Pork Producers’ “celebrity chef of the day.”

He’s employing the same business model in New Hampshire, where he’s hired veteran GOP strategist Tom Rath; in Florida, where many of former Gov. Jeb Bush’s top aides are in senior positions on his campaign; and in Michigan, where Romney’s father, George, once served as governor and is fondly remembered.

Romney has bombarded Iowa, South Carolina and the other states with television commercials. They are part of an unprecedented $5 million early ad buy — financed with loans from the multimillionaire himself — aimed at boosting his name recognition.

The campaign’s overall strategy is to win in Iowa and New Hampshire and then use the momentum to roll into the Feb. 5 mega-primary in which 20-odd states from California to New York are planning to vote. Romney’s fellow Bay Stater, Democrat John Kerry, won his party’s 2004 presidential nomination in similar fashionmore

Here is the result of the Romney von Schlieffen Plan:

For our commentary on all this useless noise and bustle, see:

Romney the attritionist of Ames—even if he wins, he loses

We ask: whither the storied Romney competence?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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