Vennochi of the Globe: Romney’s explanations don’t add up

MITT ROMNEY is determined to prove he’s pro-life. How about proving he’s pro-truth?–asks Joan Vennochi, Globe Columnist in an editorial aptly titled Romney’s Honesty Problem.

Every time Romney tries to explain his evolution from supporter to opponent of abortion rights, his honesty comes into question. That’s because his explanations over the years don’t add up.When Republican presidential candidates were asked recently to cite their biggest mistake, Romney replied: “Probably from a political standpoint and a personal standpoint, the greatest mistake was when I first ran for office, being deeply opposed to abortion but saying, ‘I support the current law,’ which was pro-choice and effectively a pro-choice position. That was just wrong.”

The truth is, when Romney ran for office in Massachusetts he went far beyond saying, “I support the current law.”

He begged voters to accept him as an embracer of abortion rights. “I believe that abortion should be safe and legal,” he said. He staked his credentials on his mother, Lenore. He said she ran for the Senate in 1970 on an abortion-rights platform, inspired by the death of her son-in-law’s teenage sister from an illegal abortion. “My mother and my family have been committed to the belief that we can believe as we want, but we will not force our beliefs on others on that matter. And you will not see me wavering on that,” he saidmore

We concur. The Romney line is unsustainable. Hence, Romney’s issues new alibis, rationales, and elaborate casuistries. See:

the Romney message in total flux—where is the real Romney amidst all the obfuscation and conflicting testimony?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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