Ben Novak’s case for Ron Paul—and, by extension, against Willard Milton Romney

“I got a thought-provoking e-mail along similar lines (one of dozens like it I’ve had on that Paul column) from Ben Novak, who lists himself as ‘founder of the Americans in Europe for Ron Paul Meet-up Group in Bratislava, Republic of Slovakia.’ Blimey,” writes John Derbyshire of NRO’s The Corner in a post titled Is 2008 The New 1964?

Well, here’s what Ben says. “Mr Derbyshire—-Recently you wrote an eloquent article titled the ‘Ron Paul Temptation ,’ about how tempted you were to support him. However, you concluded by fighting off the temptation, writing that ‘[Ron Paul’s] candidacy belongs in the realm of dreams, not practical politics. But, oh, such sweet dreams.’ A Ron Paul candidacy does inspire sweet dreams. But, rather than writing Ron Paul off for that reason, I suggest that there are a multitude of reasons why you—and a lot of other Americans—should follow your dream … more

We concur. We develop a similar theme here: the conservative interregnum

Disclaimer: We have no brief for Ron Paul. We are for whomover opposes Willard Milton Romney.

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dr. g.d.

P.S. Also see:

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