NRO’s Hemingway expounds on Romney’s association with Cleon Skousen

“Who is Cleon Skousen you might ask? In answering that question, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Skousen was by turns an FBI employee, the police chief of Salt Lake City, a Brigham Young University professor, consigliore to former secretary of agriculture and Mormon president Ezra Taft Benson and, well, all-around nutjob,” reports Mark Hemingway in an NRO story titled Romney’s Radical Roots.

… But if anything, Mitt Romney is still seen as a moderate by Republican standards — a perception that may hamstring him in the Republican primary. For better and for worse, Romney’s familiarity with Cleon Skousen does convincingly demonstrate that Mitt Romney is not far removed and indeed well-acquainted with a radical and firebrand conservatism — even if it is of the variety he might want to keep chained to a radiator in the atticmore

This helps explain the unreconstructed, naive character of Romney’s alleged “conservatism,” a conservatism untempered by contemporary political development. We develop this theme here.

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