“Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney holds a clear lead over his GOP rivals in Iowa and New Hampshire. But for some reason, Romney hasn’t been able to connect with S.C. voters — a key primary state in Romney’s bid to gain his party’s nomination,” reports the estimable Lee Bandy writing for The State.

The Palmetto Scoop reprises and rejoins the Bandy story adding:

And Romney could really suffer if rival Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) continues to chip away at him in South Carolina with the same veracity as in Iowa. With the crucial Ames straw poll less than a week away, the Kansas senator Monday stepped-up the attacks by releasing a YouTube video calling on the former-Mass. governor to “face the facts in the automated phone calls that Brownback’s campaign has made to Iowa voters.

If Brownback’s tactics work and he finishes second in the Ames straw poll – which is a strong possibility with both Rudy Giuliani and John McCain not taking part – he will be thrust into the “top-tier” and could bring the strategy to South Carolina where he would inflict similar damage … more

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