Team Romney smacks down distressed waitresses and cancer victims—we ask: is this leadership!?

In a web log post at titled Mitt And The Waitress, a screed so cruel and pointless that it spoofs itself, an outraged Mittwit file clerk named “Jon” barks, spits, shrieks, opines, gibbers, exhorts, blathers, insults, insinuates, misleads, attacks, and offends (excerpts and commentary follows):

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Ms. Michelle Griffin. As reported by the Washington Post’s Michael Shear, Ms. Griffin got her 3.5 minutes of fame today as she heckled Mitt into a conversation about healthcare as he visited Manchester’s Red Arrow Diner …

Comment: Please note the condescending tone the writer adopts—the writer introduces Ms. Griffin with a gesture of contemptuous inflation “Ladies and Gentlemen, May I …. “—the writer notes Ms. Griffin’s “3.5 minutes of fame”—her refers to her “heckling” the candidate when it was the candidate who invited Ms. Griffin to join in dialogue.

… That said, only one politician has actually done something to improve the health care system of the people he was elected to serve. That politician is Mitt Romney – former Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you’ve clicked on the video above you know that Mitt tried to explain this system to Ms. Griffin – several times …

Comment: “If you’ve clicked on the video above” you also know that for Romney to recite his litany of dubious policy achievements misses the point of the Ms. Griffin’s complaint—as Romney himself infers at least on intuitive grounds as evidenced by his beads of sweat, his furrowed brow, his stammers and frequent pauses, his sticky dry mouth, and other various tics and twitches.

Ms. Griffin wasn’t interested in the health care plan Mitt put in place in the Bay State. What she wanted was someone to come in and tell her all her medical bills would be taken care of by the government – and she wouldn’t have to pay a cent …

Comment: Only Ms. Griffin suggests, expresses, or implies nothing of the sort. We don’t know what sort of relief Ms. Griffin was seeking because Romney in his panic or in his arrogance—who knows which?—never thought to ask. To ask questions would have been a far more effective and humane way to answer Ms. Griffin’s testimony.

How does a speaker or a writer articulate the maxims of conservatism with humility and humanity?—apparently, Romney, who admits that he is newly “converted” to the cause, has no clue—none! Question: do we really want this loser—Romney—representing himself as a conservative when he doesn’t seem to understand its most basic principles?

Well, as one of the tax-payers who would have to foot the bill to make Ms. Griffin happy, this kinda irks me. So I have a memo for Ms. Griffin:

Stop Whining. Now would be a good time … … Either way, please stop whining. End Memo …

Comment: This is beneath comment—almost. Imagine that you are suffering. Now, imagine someone delivering to you a moralizing lecture. How do you feel now. Better?

Question: What was G-d’s response to the blamers and moralizers and Jons who confronted, you know, Job? Most “conservatives”—or people who claim to be conservatives—have at least a passing command of moral reasoning. So how do we account for Romney or his trained monkey, “Jon” of

… As for Mr. Shear, I don’t think his reporting could have been more slanted if he had actually tried – which I’m sure he did …

Comment: Another frequent Romney tactic, attacking the messenger.

…. This is a guy [Romney!?] who has put together billion-dollar deals using only his wits, intelligence, and guts. He knows his stuff. No diner waitress is going to find a chink in his armor – despite all your wishes to the contrary. End Memo … more

Romney puts together billion dollar deals and cannot hold his own against waitresses? And: why is he imagined as wearing armor? Is he afraid of waitresses? Also: Do the thugs at Team Romney approve of this screed by Jon the file clerk? History would predict that they do. They also smacked down a cancer victim. You can read about it here:

A Romney hireling who can communicate!?

We wonder: Who will Team Romney assault next? A wheelchair-bound veteran who challenges Romney’s escape to France to avoid the draft?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.

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