“Romney did no more or less than create the first homosexual marriages recognized in the nation … “

“While former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney claims he did everything possible to throttle homosexual marriage in his state – his campaign now saying he took ‘every conceivable step within the law to defend traditional marriage’ – several constitutional experts say that just isn’t so,” argues the estimable Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily.com in a story titled WND Exclusive ELECTION 2008; Experts: Credit Romney for homosexual marriage.

“What Romney did [was] he exercised illegal legislative authority,” Herb Titus said of the governor’s actions after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court released its opinion in the Goodridge case in 2003. “He was bound by what? There was no order. There wasn’t even any order to the Department of Public Health to do anything.

“Titus, a Harvard law graduate, was founding dean of Pat Robertson’s Regent University Law School. He also worked with former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, now a WND columnist, to draft the Constitution Restoration Act, which sought to take out of federal court jurisdiction cases that involved public officials that acknowledged God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government” … more

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dr. g.d.

P.S. We (re)commit this article to the tagging engines of dataspace because it provokes the Eager-Genitals for Mitwitt to near hysteria, er, we mean it provokes the Evangelicals for Mitt, a group that is neither evangelical nor really all that for Willard Milton Romney, at least not in the sense of being an effective voice in support of Romney’s troubled candidacy.

the health of romney’s campaign


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    […] “Romney did no more or less than create the first homosexual marriages recognized in the nation … […]

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