First, recall the painful dialogue:

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Mitt Romney was about a minute into an answer about his commitment to fighting the global spread of AIDS and health care diplomacy on Wednesday when a waitress behind the counter yelled out a question … the story continues as reported by the estimable Michael D. Shear for’s The Shear.

[Romney:] … One of the things I’m proud of doing in my state is putting on track a plan that gets everybody health insurance,” Romney began, seeing an opening for his standard stump speech about his efforts as governor of Massachusetts.

But Griffin was in no mood for platitudes, and interrupted.

“After we pay our huge deductibles for our insurance and our cost for our prescriptions, there’s nothing left,” she said.

“Are you a Massachusetts resident?” Romney asked.

“No I’m a New Hampshire resident,” Griffen said, and then added, before Romney could jump in, that “we pay over $1,000 a month for our insurance. Then we have co pays. Every time you go to the doctor, it’s $50 a visit. Then you have co-pays for our prescriptions. Can you tell me what your co pay is?”

“Yes,” Romney said. “$10 for each prescription.”

“That’s very nice isn’t it?” Griffin answered dryly.

“Yes. What are yours? Romney asked.

“Mine are like $30-$50. I have three sick children”

Etc., etc.

Now consider Aristotle’s advice on the art of dialectic (reasoning from premises that an audience accepts as true, i.e. probabilities as opposed to necessary truths):

A man should not enter into discussion with everybody or practice dialectics with the first comer as reasoning always becomes embittered where some people are concerned. Indeed, when an adversary tries by every possible means to to wriggle out of a corner, it is legitimate to strive, by every possible means, to reach the conclusion; but this procedure lacks elegance.

We ask: who was the wriggler in this sad dispute? Was it not Romney?—only he was also the disputant who most lacked elegance. Is this not also how Romney behaved in his back-and-fourth slap-fights with Obama, Brownback, Clinton et al?—like a frantic highschool debater trying to score points or get in the last word?—like a howler monkey on crystal meth, flinging his feces in all directions, to no avail (see here).

We oppose nationalizing our healthcare system. We have lived in Canada, Spain, and Germany, so we know from where we speak. And this is why we DO NOT need a Willard Milton Romney advocating for our position! The man is simply incapable of articulating an effective argument or even of maintaining a consistent line.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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