Romney: End Congressional Lapses for Ethical Pensions—another meaningless policy proclamation from a candidate in desperate need of positive press

URBANDALE, Iowa – Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, decrying ethical lapses in Washington and singling out fellow Republicans, on Thursday called for stripping the federal pensions from those convicted of using their office to abuse the public trust, reports the estimable Mike Glover for the Associated Press in an article titled Romney: End pensions for ethical lapses.

The estimable MattC comments approvingly:

Aside from being just smart policy, this achieves another campaign purpose as well. We’ve long known that to avoid party fatigue in 2008, the GOP nominee has to run from the outside and as an agent of change. These sorts of proposals by Romney help him frame himself in that light … more

Maybe so.

But what interests us about the proposal is how consonant it is with Romney’s character and temperament, especially Romney’s apolitical and authoritarian instincts. In Romney’s moral imagination, harsh punitive measures substitute for the e.g. structural reforms that could reduce opportunities for corruption. Rather than e.g. reflect on and try to intervene in an incentive structure that rewards maladaptive behaviors, Romney would spank the child harder.

For more on the theme see of Romney’s apolitical and authoritarian instincts, see:

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